Search Examples: Basic & Advanced

Basic Search

Use word1 word2 word3 etc, in your normal search. Full search using title, description, vendors, products, versions, references, credits, CWE, CAPEC, etc.

Exploits, PoCs & Patches

Use keywords exploits:yes and/or patches:yes to find vulnerabilities with exploits/patches:

Vendor, Products, and Versions

Use keywords: vendor:xxx product:yyy version:zzz or a combination of them. Curent beta version partialy supports version:[<,<=,>,>=] Note that this will only retrive results if they appear in CPEs entries.

Refine by adding relevant words: vendor:xxx product:yyy word1 word2

*When using vendor:xxx product:yyy version:zzz, the terms must be in a CPE. CPE assignment to new vulnerabilities can take time. To find the latest vulnerabilities, also search for vendors/products without keywords to avoid missing recent and relevant vulnerabilities.
Abbreviation Search

When searching using abbreviations, they are expanded ensuring that you don't miss any vulnerabilities even if different vulnerability descriptions use different words.

Refine by adding relevant wordss:  word1 word2 abbreviation:

CVSS Score

Use: cvss:[<,<=,>,>=] to filter vulnerabilities by CVSS score:

Vulnerable Linux Commits & Versions

Use commit:xxxxxxxxxxxx or in most cases is just enough to use the hash:

Search for specific versions vendor:Linux product:"Linux Kernel" version:xxx

*When using vendor:xxx product:yyy version:zzz, the terms must be in a CPE. NotCVE is assigning CPEs to Linux Kernel vulnerabilities.
NotCVE provides the Linux Kernel CPEs that MITRE and NVD lack..